I'm Cam. I’m a strategist.

Current work thinking;
I think about digital product innovation, performance metrics, value investments.
Current personal thinking;
If it weren’t for a planet crashing into Earth 4.51 billion years ago at just the right angle would there be any thinking at all?




Current work

Founder, Dawson Andrews.
An independant digital product company.
We do one thing well; Digital Products. 
I'm currently in Sydney scoping out an outpost for APAC. 

Notable work

Heineken, London/Amsterdam/Dublin
Various brand involvement; New-market entry, advertising strategy, new product launches, ethnographic mapping, digital strategy.

Microsoft EU, Paris
Digital Product Strategy; building a European youth community.

Jack Daniels, London/New York/Austin
Various brands; New product launches, M&A strategy, competitive analysis, digital strategy.

Starbucks, Dublin
Digital strategy.

Sailor Jerry, Dublin/Toronto
Global engagement strategy; offline and online.

Nualight, Dusseldorf
Brand repositioning and digital overhaul following M&A and restructuring.

ark.com, San Francisco
CMO and co-founder - Raising a record-breaking $4.2m seed round at Y-Combinator.

Ark°, Belfast/Dublin/San Francisco
An altruistic clothing brand I started at the age of 18. After three years of sales in over 30 countries it was an incredibly fortunate kickstart to a 'career' in strategy.


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